5G Mobile Networks


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  • 3 Days Course
    LTE (Insoft Specials)

    Classroom + Online

    Course Details

    The 5G Mobile Networks training course provides a comprehensive understanding of 5G mobile networks. In this course, you will explore the evolution of the 5G network elements toward Virtualized Software based platforms, IP Routing, SDN and New Generation optical transport networks. This course also examines also how 5G network manages Cloud Oriented services and how it configures itself according to the User terminal capabilities (even nanotechnology-based capabilities).


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    • 5G Core Network Architecture
    • Mobile Nanocore Design
    • Reconfigurable Multi-Technology Core (RMTC)
    • 5G WiFi: 802.11ac
    • Cloud-Based Cognitive Design
    • Cloud RAN: Soft Base Stations
    • OMN: Optical Mobile Network
    • SDN: Software-Defined Networking
    • Interoperability between 5G network and legacy Wireless/Wired networks
    • Policy-Based Router
    • QoS/QoE Control
    • RTP/RTCP Extensions
    • 5G Core Network performance testing
    • 5G SuperCore Architecture
    • Power saving in 5G Networks

    Target Audience

    • Technical Staff and Network Engineers involved in developing and management of new generation universal Core Networks.


    • Good knowledge of Architecture and Protocols implemented in 4G, LTE, EPC mobile Network.