CXM 302 – Designing, Deploying and Managing Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile 9.0


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Upcoming Dates

  Feb 14 - Feb 17, 2022
09:00 - 17:00

CXM 302 – Designing, Deploying and Managing Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile 9.0
4 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Wireless / Mobility

Course Details

The CXM 302 – Designing, Deploying and Managing Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile course provides the skills necessary to install, configure, and integrate components in a standard Citrix XenMobile Enterprise solution.

Delegates with limited or no XenMobile experience will apply principles to enroll mobile devices, install apps, and use policies to manage device usage in a lab environment. In addition, topics such as how to integrate additional Citrix products and applications as part of the solution and how to troubleshoot some of the most common implementation issues will be discussed.


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At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the XenMobile Enterprise end-to-end architecture and identify each component in the solution
  • List the available XenMobile Editions
  • Describe the function of each component within the solution
  • Explain the processes involved in a successful XenMobile Enterprise solution implementation
  • Perform network authentication
  • Install client certificates
  • Discuss the benefits of using ShareFile in a XenMobile solution
  • Integrate Citrix StoreFront
  • Create a basic package
  • Customize a package on a device
  • Create user profiles and policies
  • Enrol an iPhone and Android device
  • Install WorxHome, WorxMail, and WorxWeb
  • Push apps to a device
  • Manage enrolled devices using geo-fencing, selective wiping, blocking of unauthorized users or jail-broken devices
  • Integrate PKI to authenticate certificates
  • Terminate an SSL connection
  • Perform an SSL Offload


Course Overview

  • The XenMobile Solution
  • Mobile Device Management and XenMobile Mobile Device Manager
  • App Controller
  • Network Authentication
  • Introduction to ShareFile Integration
  • Mobile Device Support
  • What’s New in XenMobile 8.7
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • XenMobile Proof of Concept

Lab Activities

  • Installing and Deploying Mobile Device Manager Server
  • Configuring Policies on XDM
  • Creating a Deployment Package
  • Configuring XenMobile App Controller
  • Creating User Roles and Assigning Applications
  • Integrating XDM with XAC
  • Integrating XenMobile with XenApp
  • Configuring NetScaler Gateway for an Enterprise Store
  • Enrolling a Device
  • Setting Up WorxMail Out of Office Support
  • Setting Up WorxMail Add and Delete Calendar Events
  • Setting Up WorxMail FastJoin with GoToMeeting Integration
  • Setting Up WorxMail add File Attachments
  • Setting Up WorxWeb Push Bookmarks and Hide Actions
  • Setting Up WorxWeb NTLM SSO Support
  • Configuring NetScaler SSL Offload for XDM
  • Setting Up iOS7 Policies
  • Configuring XM for Multi-Domain Support
  • Configuring XM to Support Multiple Gateways
  • Configuring XM to Support Client Certificates

Target Audience

  • IT Professionals
  • Systems Engineers
  • Server Administrators
  • Citrix Partners


Citrix course materials are only available to delegates in e-courseware format. Delegates will be provided with instructions on how to access their e-courseware on day one of the events. Those delegates who are attending via either virtual or extended classroom will be required to provide either three monitors (to view courseware, labs and instructor demos simultaneously) or two monitors and a mobile device.


Delegates will be required to have an active TCC account in order to access course materials and labs. Please set up Your TCC account up in advance of the course using the following link:

Please note: It is highly recommended that the delegate uses a personal email address (rather than company email) to set up their TCC account. If you do not wish to reference your company name when setting up your TCC account we recommend you use ‘EDUCALC’ as reference.

Should you encounter any issues in setting up your TCC account please ensure that you raise this directly with Citrix in advance of your event by visiting then on the home page click, Help, then select Classroom Support and submit a Critical or High priority request notifying Citrix of the course start date.

Citrix recommends that delegates bring a test device to the class to fully experience the lab exercises. The device need not be wiped during the lab exercises, but it will be required to experience the device side of the exercises.