Diameter Routing for LTE

Diameter Routing for LTE
  • Diameter Routing for LTE

    3 Days Course
    LTE (Insoft Specials)
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    Acquire the skills needed for the management and monitoring of the DIAMETER protocol in its use of the most advanced in mobile networks 3G and LTE and IMS architecture. the communication interfaces are analyzed, the signaling architecture and the main procedures for the control of the Charging functions, Policy Management and Authentication.


    • The DIAMETER protocol basis
    • DIAMETER and RADIUS Comparison
    • the DIAMETER message format
    • DIAMETER Command codes (Message Type)
    • AVP format (Attribute-Value Pair)
    • DRA network nodes: Diameter Routing Agents (Proxy, Relay, Redirect, and Translation Vendors defined agents)
    • DEA: Diameter Edge Agent
    • SLF: Subscription Location Function
    • unified platform: Universal Diameter Router
    • 3G architecture, LTE and IMS
    • DIAMETER application in 3G / LTE networks
    • Transfer of the interface user data S6 and connections Roaming
    • ME identity check on the S13 interface
    • Policy and Charging Control between GGSN / PDN-GW (PCEF) and PCRF Gx interface
    • interconnection procedures and Roaming IPX between V-PCRF and H-PCRF of S9 interface
    • Online charging in 3G / LTE network between PCEF and the OCS of Gy interface
    • Offline charging in 3G / LTE network between PCEF and OFCs on Gz interface
    • Gating and QoS control between OCS and PCRF of Sy interface (QoS,
    • Charging and Charging Rule Operation Unified Platforms)
    • QoS & VoLTE Bearer Triggering between CSCF and PCRF of Rx interface
    • DIAMETER of applications in IMS network
    • Communication between I / S-CSCF and HSS for the authorization and authentication of users of IMS Cx interface
    • Communication between I-CSCF and SLF for the user’s location via IMS Dx interface
    • Online / offline charging (OCS) of the IMS network Rf interface (CSCF) and Ro (AS)
    • Transport of the IMS user information between AS and HSS by Sh interface
    • Communication between AS and the SLF for localization of Dh IMS HSS user interface

    Target Audience

    Technical staff and engineers involved in the development and management of power generation Core Mobile Networks.


    Good knowledge of the 3G architecture, LTE and IMS.

    Course Schedule

      Feb 6 - Feb 8, 2019
      Apr 3 - Apr 5, 2019
      Jun 3 - Jun 5, 2019