H4C80 – BYOD, UAM and WSM Configuration and Troubleshooting 


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H4C80 – BYOD, UAM and WSM Configuration and Troubleshooting 
5 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Network Management/Design

Course Details

The BYOD, UAM and WSM Configuration and Troubleshooting (H4C80)  training covers the necessary requirements to set up, configure and troubleshoot wireless users connecting via the User Access Manager (UAM) Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD) module, in addition, authenticate users using the 802.1x protocol, and finally use the Wireless Switch Manager (WSM) module to manage and monitor your wireless network.

This course will teach students how to set up the HP Wireless controllers for BYOD authentication as well as configuring the UAM-BYOD module to allow access. In addition, students will be taught how to set up the UAM as a Radius server for 802.1x authentication in conjunction with the HP Wireless controllers. Finally, the students will see how the WSM module can manage, monitor and configure the HP Wireless controllers.


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UAM Module

  • Discuss the benefits of centralised authentication versus authentication via UAM.
  • Configure HP Networking devices (MSM and A-Series Wireless and Wired) for Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting.
  • Control access with 802.1x authentication via UAM.
  • Explore how UAM integrates and works with Microsoft Active Directory using LDAP.
  • MAC Authentication against UAM.

WSM Module

  • Configuring Location View Management.
  • Wireless topology management.
  • Explore WSM features that can be used in a wireless site survey environment.
  • Use of WSM to troubleshoot site-specific wireless issues.
  • Discover how BYOD breaks traditional models for identity management.
  • Explore how BYOD performs authentication for wireless devices.
  • Use of control policies and fingerprinting to register and place users inappropriate VLAN.
  • Troubleshooting BYOD.


The following areas will be covered as part of the UAM training:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of the UAM module.
  • Configuration of the 802.1x supplicant device.
  • Configure Domain Assisted PEAP authentication.
  • Explore how access control policies can be configured and deployed with UAM.
  • Troubleshooting UAM issues.
  • Controller and Fit Access Point wireless LAN configuration via the WSM Module.
  • Creation of Wireless custom views.
  • Configuration management of MSM and A-Series controllers including SSID, VLANS and Access Points.
  • Creation of wireless reports specific to clients and access points.


  • Explore how BYOD is deployed in an enterprise environment.
  • BYOD configuration of E & A Wireless controllers.
  • Demonstrate how BYOD can be deployed and configured against the HP MSM Wireless controllers and Access switches.

Target Audience

  • Network Engineers and Administrators
  • Network Architects and Consultants


  • Learners should have experience in using iMC network manager and designing and installing wireless networks.
  • Learners should have attended the iMC network management course and the Wireless Course.


Please NOTE, Basic iMC and Wireless is NOT covered in this course.