LPIC-3 303: Cryptography, Access Control, Services and Network Security


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May 1 - May 4, 2023
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LPIC-3 303: Cryptography, Access Control, Services and Network Security
4 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Linux Server

Course Details

The Cryptography, Access Control, Services and Network Security (LPIC-3 303) is an intensive, lab-oriented training course for administrators and specialists who work with Linux and its applications. Its aim is to deepen their knowledge about the necessary and the most important aspects of Linux security.

The LPIC-3 303 course covers: cryptography (Open SSL, GPG, data encryption), access control (e.g. PAM, ACL and EA, SELinux), application security (e.g. Apache/HTTP/HTTPS, Postfix, FTP, SSH) and network security (e.g. snort, nmap, wireshark, tcpdump, nagios).


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  1. Cryptography
    • Open SSL – configuration and use
    • GPG (encryption and signing, management, configuration)
    • Data encryption (LUKS, dm-crypt)
  2. Access control
    • PAM
    • nsswitch
    • Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Extended Attributes (EAs)
    • SELinux
    • AppArmor and SMACK – introduction
  3. Services and applications security
    • BIND/DNS – secure configuration
    • Postfix mail server
    • HTTP server (Apache v1 and v2 security issues, htpasswd, SSL)
    • FTP (Pure-FTPd and vsftpd)
    • ssh server (OpenSSH)
    • NFS: Network File System (security and access control mechanisms)
  4. Network security
    • Snort – configuration, rules, use
    • Tripwire
    • Network scanning (nmap, wireshark, tcpdump, nessus)
    • Monitoring (nagios, ntop)
    • Network traffic filtering (iptables)
    • VPN (OpenVPN-configuration and use)

Target Audience

  • Linux Administrators
  • Linux Specialists and Users
  • Anyone who is responsible for systems and services security
  • Linux Professionals who want to obtain the LPIC-3 303 certification exam



Before attending the LPIC-3 303 course, participants should have knowledge equivalent to the contents of: