LTE Radio Planning and Dimensioning

LTE Radio Planning and Dimensioning
  • LTE Radio Planning and Dimensioning

    2 Days Course
    LTE (Insoft Specials)
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    Course Details


    Understanding LTE technology and its planning principles. This course in-depth analyzes cell and capacity planning techniques, resource management schemes, traffic and interference control strategies. Moreover, the main tools for network planning are highlighted.


    • Network design
    • Planning prerequisites
    • Planning datasheets and tools
    • E-UTRA radio access
    • UL/DL performance
    • Radio resource allocation
    •  MIMO technologies and performance
    •  MIMO antennas
    •  MIMO Cell Planning
    • LTE propagation models
    • LTE link budget
    • Interference management
    • E-UTRAN capacity planning
    • LTE backhauling dimensioning
    • Network tuning
    • SON algorithms
    • Advanced features (LTE-A)

    Target Audience

    Network operation and maintenance personnel and network designers involved in LTE radio planning and access dimensioning.


    UMTS network architecture and protocols good skills and LTE access network basic understanding.

    Course Schedule

      Jan 7 - Jan 8, 2019
      Mar 11 - Mar 12, 2019
      May 15 - May 16, 2019