Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG)

Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG)

Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG)

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1 days course

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 Apr 17, 2018

Jul 18, 2018

Oct 19, 2018

Course Details

Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG)

The purpose of this VTS is to provide detailed design guidance for the Cisco TelePresence™ solution. It should prepare technically qualified network designers to create TelePresence design proposals. These network design proposals can also provide the basis for ordering of components and detailed design work.


  • One day

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe service provider NGN technology trends and their impact on operational environments
  • Describe the various NMS tools available to monitor networks and network devices
  • Implement incident (event) management procedures
  • Demonstrate fault management procedures
  • Describe the configuration management process
  • Demonstrate change management procedures
  • Identify performance management procedures

Session Outline

The session outline is as follows:

  • Introduction to the Cisco TelePresence Solution
    • What Is Cisco TelePresence Conferencing?
    • The Cisco TelePresence User Experience
    • Positioning Cisco TelePresence Conferencing
    • Meeting the Needs of the Customer
  • Architecture of the Cisco TelePresence Solution
    • Standard and Optional Components of the Cisco TelePresence Solution
    • The Cisco TelePresence Codec
    • Supported Audio and Video Modes
    • Deployment Models
    • Traffic Flow Through the Cisco TelePresence Components
  • Design Considerations for the Cisco TelePresence Solution
    • Capacity Planning
    • End-to-End Pathway Requirements
    • Quality-of-Service (QoS) Requirements and Best Practices
    • Network Readiness Requirements
    • Call Processing Requirements
    • Scheduling Requirements
    • Design Limitations and Best Practices
    • Locating Information on
  • Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution
    • Gathering Information
    • Verifying Room Requirements
    • Verifying Network Requirements
    • Verifying End-to-End QoS Strategy
    • Creating a High-Level Diagram

Case Study

The case study outline is as follows:

  • Challenge: A hypothetical hotel and convention center want a simple one-button-to-push solution for calls between properties as well as the ability for their business customers to collaborate with other organizations.
  • Solution: Students will meet with other members of their case study group and discuss a Cisco TelePresence solution that meets the goals as outlined.
  • Presentation: One student from each group will present their solution to the rest of the class.

This session is designed for technical professionals, such as solution architects who have existing experience designing data networking, security, and voice/video solutions, who need to learn the design principles related to TelePresence.

Following are the prerequisites for this session:

  • Ability to use reference material to read, interpret, and configure Cisco IOS® Software on both routers and switches (equivalent to CCNA)
  • Ability to design data networking solutions (equivalent to CCDA or CCDP)