DP0149 – Veritas Enterprise Vault 11: Implementation and Deployment


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DP0149 – Veritas Enterprise Vault 11: Implementation and Deployment
5 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Information Intelligence

Course Details

The Veritas Enterprise Vault 11: Implementation and Deployment (DP0149) course provides an overview of how to implement and configure the Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x environment. This course is designed for technical support, sales engineers, partners, and customers tasked with providing implementing and deploying the Enterprise Vault 11.x environment.


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  • Provide product overview, introduces how to design Enterprise Vault in different target situations
  • Describes pre-installation tasks for Enterprise Vault, installation and post-installation tasks
  • List the steps to configure Enterprise Vault, indexing and storage
  • Configure Exchange mailbox archiving, and Enterprise Vault access for Exchange clients
  • Configure Exchange Journal archiving
  • Configure FSA
  • Configure SharePoint archiving
  • Describe basic troubleshooting, and validate the implementation


Enterprise Vault: Product Overview

  • Describe the business challenges addressed by Enterprise Vault
  • Describe the basic concepts behind the Enterprise Vault system
  • Describe the Enterprise Vault structure and components

Configuring Exchange Clients – Part II

  • Deploy Mail Client and configure IMAP access
  • Provide an overview of Enterprise Vault Search
  • Configuring Exchange Journal Archiving
  • Configure Exchange targets
  • Define how and when archiving occurs
  • Process Exchange mailboxes
  • Process Journal mailboxes

Configuring FSA

  • Configure FSA targets
  • Define FS archiving
  • Process items

Configuring SharePoint

  • Configure SharePoint targets
  • Define SharePoint archiving
  • Process items

Troubleshooting the Implementation

  • Review the installation logs
  • Outline common implementation issues
  • Use common troubleshooting tools
  • Use common troubleshooting resources

Validating the environment

  • Test archiving and access
  • Complete all documentation
  • Outline a backup schedule for Enterprise Vault

Installing Enterprise Vault in a Domino environment

  • Describe how Domino archiving works in order to
  • understand the prerequisites required
  • Describe additional prerequisites required for
  • Domino archiving

Configuring Domino Mailbox Archiving

  • Configure Domino targets
  • Define when and how archiving occurs
  • Process Domino mailboxes

Configuring Domino Clients Validate user access Configure access for Domino clients Configuring Domino Journal Archiving Configure Domino Journal archiving

  • Process Domino Journal items

Introduction to designing an Enterprise Vault deployment

  • Describe the main steps to deploy Enterprise Vault
  • Describe the main considerations when designing an
  • Enterprise Vault deployment
  • Describe Enterprise Vault designs for common
  • deployment scenarios

Preparing the environment for installing Enterprise Vault

  • Describe the installation prerequisites for the
  • Enterprise Vault server
  • Describe the additional installation prerequisites
  • required for Exchange archiving
  • Describe the additional installation prerequisites
  • required for file system archiving
  • Describe the additional installation prerequisites
  • required for SharePoint archiving
  • Use the Deployment Scanner to confirm that all the prerequisites have been installed and configured correctly

Installing Enterprise Vault

  • Use the Enterprise Vault install launcher to install Enterprise Vault
  • Complete post-installation tasks
  • Uninstall or reinstall Enterprise Vault

Configuring the Enterprise Vault

  • Run the Enterprise Vault configuration wizard
  • Configure site settings to meet specific requirements
  • Deploy roles-based access (RBA) for administration access
  • Configure monitoring and reporting

Configuring Indexing and Storage

  • Describe the steps required to configure indexing
  • Create retention categories to meet defined
  • requirements
  • Create storage to meet defined requirements

Configuring Exchange Mailbox Archiving

  • Configure Exchange targets
  • Define how and when archiving occurs
  • Process Exchange mailboxes

Configuring Exchange Clients – Part I

  • Configure the Outlook 2010 client
  • Configure OWA
  • Configure access for the Office Mail App
  • Configure Vault Cache and Virtual Vault

Target Audience

This course is meant for Symantec technical support personnel, Sales engineers, Symantec partners who support and implement Enterprise Vault and Symantec customers using Enterprise Vault.


This course requires you to possess working knowledge of the networking, Exchange, and Active Directory.