Cisco Business Enablement Partner

Training designed for Channel Partner Sales resources
Cisco Learning Partner

Insoft Services is a Cisco Business Enablement Partner

The Cisco Business Enablement Partner Program focuses on sharpening the business skills of Cisco Channel Partners and customers. Taking full advantage of its global team of partners, the program offers comprehensive training on the business value of Cisco products, solutions, and architectures.

What’s new?

Cisco has launched the Business Enablement Center; the platform for all authorized Cisco Sales & Business Training. The platform offers more than 400 courses from our Business Enablement Partners worldwide. All courses are designed to develop sales enablement capabilities that enables business results.

How Business Enablement Partner training can help?

The Cisco Business Enablement Partner program offers a full range of training courses specifically designed to build the business acumen of your sales and management teams. You’ll get the skills and methods you need to tackle sales barriers, take advantage of new opportunities, and clearly communicate a compelling Cisco value proposition.

The Cisco BEP Program offers a complete range of training courses designed specifically to help IT professionals understand the business side of Cisco technology.

Our virtual and classroom-based courses will help you:

  • Measure the business value of Cisco solutions, and effectively propose them to meet business needs.
  • Improve your business acumen and communication skills.
  • Develop and deploy powerful strategies and methods to boost adoption rates and build support for Cisco.

Cisco Business Certifications

  • Cisco Business Architecture Specialist Certifications.
  • Cisco Customer Success Specialist Certifications.