Extreme Networks Training

Extreme Networks Training
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Extreme Networks Training

Expert knowledge at your fingertips with Extreme Networks training

Extreme Networks training provides in-depth knowledge for successful deployments and ongoing management of our solutions, and to develop the professional expertise of our customers, distributors and employees.

Successfully managing your network requires a knowledgeable and efficient team with the right training and professional experience to plan, build, optimize and manage the network.

Extreme Networks training offers the opportunity to continue to build your team’s knowledge and get the most from the Extreme Networks solutions.

About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a networking company that designs, develops and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment. It also develops the software for network management, policy, analytics, security and access controls.

Extreme Networks has streamlined their products never been easier to build the most flexible software-driven networking solutions imaginable.

Extreme Partner Network (EPN) is an award-winning programme focused on enabling and rewarding solution providers at all levels.

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Insoft’s Extreme Partner Accreditation

As an authorised training partner (ATP), Insoft Services ensures that you receive the highest standards of education available. Our current partnership status, allows us to deliver courses worldwide, with primary locations being EMEA (UK, Italy, France, Germany, UAE, Netherlands), AMER and APAC.

A wide selection of dates is offered for all courses. Scheduled courses are constantly updated on the latest release and offer additionally the opportunity to share experience among participants. Every training prepares for vendor certification.

Our Extreme instructors have the technical certifications required to offer official training courses and provide you with the expertise to succeed.

Conducted exclusively for you and customised to accommodate your specific needs. Private courses can be held at on-site your facilities, or at any other suitable.


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