NXEWS – Networking Express for Engineers Workshop


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Upcoming Dates

Nov 15 - Nov 16, 2021
09:00 - 17:00

Dec 14 - Dec 15, 2021
09:00 - 17:00

Jan 18 - Jan 19, 2022
09:00 - 17:00

  Feb 14 - Feb 15, 2022
09:00 - 17:00

NXEWS – Networking Express for Engineers Workshop
2 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Networking

Course Details

With the 2 day Cisco Express Networking specialization, you will focus on Meraki technologies as a point of entry into the Cisco portfolio and gain exposure to foundational Cisco technologies. This Cisco Express Networking training course does require some fundamental knowledge. Students should be familiar with network operation, basic network security, and wireless. Course modules cover Cisco Networking, Portfolio and Switching Solutions, Routing Portfolio and Solutions, Wireless Portfolio and Solutions, Security Portfolio and Solution, and more. This Networking Express for Engineers Workshop is intended for channel partners. Find additional course information below!


After you complete this course you should be able to pass the Networking Express for Engineers exam which includes:

  • Describe and explain networking express
  • Describe, explain, and identify switching product portfolio
  • Explain and identify switching positioning
  • Describe and explain routing features
  • Describe and explain Mobility Express features
  • Explain and identify wireless tools and resources
  • Describe, explain, and identify security product portfolio
  • Describe, explain, and identify Cisco Active Advisor SE programs
  • Describe, explain, and identify FindIT SE programs
  • Describe and explain Meraki cloud architecture design
  • Describe and explain Meraki datacenter reliability and security
  • Describe and explain the Meraki WLAN (MR) platform and features
  • Describe and explain the Meraki security appliance (MX) platform and features
  • Describe and explain the Meraki switching (MS) platform and features
  • Describe and explain the Meraki security cameras (MV) platform and feature
  • Describe and explain the Meraki licensing model
  • Describe and explain the Meraki support model


Day 1: Routing and Switching

Module 1: Introduction to Cisco Networking

  • Lesson 1:¬†Overview
  • Lesson 2:¬†Market Trends and Drivers

Module 2: Portfolio and Switching Solutions

  • Lesson 1:¬†Switching Overview
  • Lesson 2:¬†Cisco Switching Solutions
  • Lesson 3:¬†Switching Product Portfolio
  • Lesson 4:¬†Positioning Cisco Switching Solutions and Products
  • Lesson 5:¬†Cisco Switching Tools and Resources

Module 3: Introduction to Routing Portfolio and Solutions

  • Lesson 1:¬†Routing Overview
  • Lesson 2:¬†Routing Product Portfolio
  • Lesson 3:¬†Positioning Cisco Routing
  • Lesson 4:¬†Cisco Routing Tools and Resources

Module 4: Introduction to Wireless Portfolio and Solutions

  • Lesson 1:¬†Build or Expand a Wireless Practice
  • Lesson 2:¬†Mobility Express Overview
  • Lesson 3:¬†Mobility Express Products and Features
  • Lesson 4:¬†Cisco Wireless Products RF Planner
  • Lesson 5:¬†Wireless Resources

Module 5: Introduction to Security Portfolio and Solution

  • Lesson 1:¬†Branch Threat Defense Umbrella
  • Lesson 2:¬†Security in the Digital Age
  • Lesson 3:¬†Security Portfolio Overview
  • Lesson 4:¬†Security Sales Resources

Module 6: Programs, Support, Services, Software, and Resources

  • Lesson 1:¬†Programs ‚Äď Cisco Active Advisor
  • Lesson 2:¬†¬†Programs ‚Äď FindIT
  • Lesson 3:¬†Support Services

Day 2: Meraki

Module 7: Meraki Overview

  • Lesson 1: The Meraki Mission
  • Lesson 2:¬†Cloud Based Management
  • Lesson 3:¬†Zero Touch Provisioning

Module 8: Meraki MR ‚Äď Wireless LAN

  • Lesson 1:¬†Overview
  • Lesson 2:¬†Features
  • Lesson 3:¬†Models
  • Lesson 4:¬†Performance

Module 9: Meraki MX ‚Äď Security Appliances

  • Lesson 1:¬†Overview
  • Lesson 2:¬†Dashboard
  • Lesson 3: Intrusion Prevention
  • Lesson 4:¬†Threat protection

Module 10: Meraki MS ‚Äď Switches

  • Lesson 1:¬†Access and Aggregation
  • Lesson 2:¬†Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Lesson 3:¬†Deployment
  • Lesson 4:¬†Management

Module 11: Meraki SM ‚Äď Mobility Management

  • Lesson 1:¬†Cloud Based Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Lesson 2:¬†Device On Boarding
  • Lesson 3:¬†Policy Automation

Module 12: Meraki MC ‚Äď Collaboration

  • Lesson 1:¬†Cloud Managed Communication
  • Lesson 2:¬†Products
  • Lesson 3:¬†Features

Module 13: Meraki MV ‚Äď Surveillance

  • Lesson 1:¬†Automatic Network Detection
  • Lesson 2:¬†MV Cameras
  • Lesson 3:¬†Video Sharing

Module 14: Meraki APIs ‚Äď Developer Platforms

  • Lesson 1:¬†Meraki developers‚Äô platform and community (APIs)
  • Lesson 2:¬†API Integration

Module 15: Meraki Sales Cycle

  • Lesson 1:¬†Sales Resources
  • Lesson 2:¬†Meraki opportunities
  • Lesson 3:¬†Meraki demos

Module 16: Meraki Licensing, Support, and Warranty

  • Lesson 1:¬†Meraki licensing model
  • Lesson 2:¬†Meraki support mode

Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Channel Partners


The knowledge and skills that a learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Familiarity with Wireless
  • Familiarity with Network operation
  • Understanding of basic network security