(WM665G) – IBM Integration Bus V9 Application Development I


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Jul 25 - Jul 29, 2022
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Aug 22 - Aug 26, 2022
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Sep 19 - Sep 23, 2022
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Oct 17 - Oct 21, 2022
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Nov 14 - Nov 18, 2022
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Dec 12 - Dec 16, 2022
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(WM665G) – IBM Integration Bus V9 Application Development I
5 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Softwares

Course Details

With the IBM Integration Bus V9 Application Development I (WM665G) course, you will learn how to use IBM Integration Bus to develop, deploy and support platform-independent message flow applications. These applications use various messaging topologies to transport messages between service requesters and service providers, and also allow the messages to be routed, transformed and enriched during the processing. The course explores message flow problem determination, with an emphasis on identifying and recovering from errors in the IBM Graphical Data Mapping editor to transform messages.

The course also explores how to control the flow of messages during the processing, You will review various messaging transports at a high-level and gain a basic understanding of how message flows can use web services, Java Message Service (JMS), and other transport mechanisms. Finally, you will explore how to extend IBM Integration BUS by using adapters and other IBM products.

Throughout the course, hands-on lab exercises allow you to practice the skills and concepts that are presented in the lectures. The hands-on labs cover topics such as creating and testing message flows. message modelling, problem determination, and error handling.


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  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to IBM Integration Bus
  • Application development fundamentals
    • Exercise: Importing and testing a message flow
  • Developing message flows
    • Exercise: Implementing a message flow pattern
  • Using problem determination tools and help resources
    • Exercise: Analyzing runtime error scenarios
    • Exercise: Using problem determination tools
  • Using compute nodes to transform messages
    • Exercise: Implementing a message flow
  • Controlling the flow of messages
    • Exercise: Adding flow control to a message flow
    • Exercise: Implementing explicit error handling
  • Modelling messages
    • Exercise: Implementing a message model
  • Mapping messages with the Graphical Data Mapping editor
  • Referencing databases in a message flow
    • Exercise: Referencing a database in a map
  • More message processing nodes
  • Message transports overview
  • Preparing for production
    • Exercise: Creating a runtime-aware message flow
  • Extending IBM Integration Bus
  • Course summary

Target Audience

This course is designed for experienced integration specialists and senior-level developers with experience in application development and WebSphere MQ.


You should have:

  • Basic experience with WebSphere MQ administration
  • A basic understanding of current IT technologies such as Structured Query Language (SQL), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Java, and XML Path Language (XPath)
  • An understanding of the business needs of your organisation