Fortinet Certification Training

  • Fortinet Certifications Training

    The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) has been released, which is a new, 8-level certification program intended for technical specialists interested in independent validation of their network security skills and expertise. NSE 4 replaces the old FCNSA and FCNSP certifications, merging FortiGate skills assessment into one exam.

    The program includes a vast range of self-paced and instructor led courses, as well as practical, experiential exercises that illustrate mastery of complex network security methods.

    The program is open to Fortinet customers, partners and employees and makes it possible for participants to fully exploit the power of Fortinet’s network security platform and be acknowledged in the industry among a top-notch group of security professionals. NSE 2 and NSE 3 content and certification is restricted to Fortinet employees and partners.

    NSE 8 Expert

    Demonstrate the ability to design, con gure, install and troubleshoot a comprehensive network security solution in a live environment.

    NSE 8

    NSE 7 Architect

    Develop the Knowledge and skills required to implement, troubleshoot and centrally manage an enterprise security infrastructure comprised of multiple FortiGate devices

    NSE 7

    NSE 6 Specialist

    Develop an understanding of other advanced Fortinet products that augment FortiGate, and Provide a Deeper and more Comprehensive network security

    NSE 6

    NSE 5 Analyst

    Develop a detailed technical understanding of how to implement network, network security management and analytics.

    NSE 5




    Develop the technical knowledge and skills of how to configure and maintain a FortiGate Next Generation Firewall solution.

    NSE 4

    NSE 3

    Develop the knowledge required to describe how the capabilities of key Fortinet products are used to create the solutions discussed in NSE 2

    NSE 3

    NSE 2

    Develop the Knowledge about Fortinet solutions for addressing the threat landscape and security concerns discussed in NSE 1

    NSE 2

    NSE 1

    Develop a foundational understanding of the ever-increasing landscape and general network concepts

    NSE 1

    Fortinet Detailed Certifications Track

    NSE Level Course Title
    NSE 1 The Threat Landscape (Online) (Free Enrolment)
    NSE 2 The Fortinet Security Fabric (Online)
    NSE 3 Fortinet Core Products (Online)
    NSE 4
    NSE 5
    NSE 6 Choose any four :
    NSE 7
    NSE 8 Fortinet Network Security Expert

    No preparation course. Requires industry experience.