SCRUM Certifications Training

SCRUM Certifications Training
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SCRUM Training

Scrum is an Agile framework developed to promote effective interaction between team members in order to deliver value to the business. Scrum’s goal is to produce a product increment every sprint and it’s designed to promote and facilitate collaboration between the developers, the product owner and the stakeholders. This methodology is also flexible since it embraces change by allowing to update the product backlog.

Scrum Values

  • Focus: The work is focus only a few things at a time to produce an excellent work and deliver valuable items sooner.
  • Courage: Since the work is done as a team, the members feel more supported and have more resources to undertake greater challenges.
  • Openness: By communicating daily, the team concerns are expressed and addressed adequately.
  • Commitment: Chunked work is easy to control, therefore the team is more committed to success.
  • Respect: A great since of mutual respect is built in the team.