Authorised Training, is it really that expensive?


Authorised Training, is it really that expensive?

14 March 2019

Picking an Authorised Training is just as important as picking the best vendor for your IP infrastructure. In fact, they often go hand in hand. For instance, a typical Cisco Lab POD (Point of delivery) is a combination of tens of routers with full step-by-step instruction and troubleshooting – something taught exclusively by fully authorised instructors

By choosing an Authorised Training Provider, you ensure that your organisation and your staff are up to date with all the equipment that you own and just like that, your core investments (staff and equipment) line up perfectly to provide you with a team that possess all the specific expertise your day-to-day requires.

Jorge is one of our many Elite Instructors

Authorised Training: Knowing What to Teach

Besides, the implementation of an IP infrastructure comes after months or even years of planning. Every step in the process is scrutinised down to the smallest detail. However, another thing to consider is the knowledge needed to implement it.

There is already a significant amount of experience within any organisation considering a large scale implementation, but at the same time, vendor-specific expertise needs to be constantly updated. In addition, new employees also need to acquire the exact skill set needed to do their part in the organisation.

This is when an Authorised Training Partner comes into the picture.


Authorised Training: Why is it important?

Authorised Training and Partner Programs provide added value to businesses. One of the reasons is that Insoft can offer support from the vendor’s core technologies and career certifications. Additionally, people who are 100% dedicated to fulfilling your training needs, can provide help and guidance.

The identification and learning processes are guaranteed to be optimised. Therefore, enterprises can enjoy a full ROI on the established infrastructure. This is what makes an Authorized Learning Partner essential.

Knowing what to do is just as powerful as how to do it.

Delivering authorized training is more precise and efficient because the information on products is acquired first-hand from the vendor.

Insoft Services Team

It’s a matter of surrounding yourself with highly-skilled professionals and as an assurance, knowing that everyone involved is a master of their specific area of expertise.

Thanks to this perspective, Insoft Services has reached a high level of customer satisfaction. Not only by delivering knowledge but more importantly, by having the know-how.

Now ask yourself, is authorised training really that expensive?

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As a Global Operations Director, Sarah has been responsible for training and consultancy delivery, resource and supplier management, project management, instructor development, delivery excellence, activity reports, and performance data to measure productivity, goal achievement and program improvement.

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