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Accelerate your Cisco skills

Continuous development is the key to transforming your IT career. As a Cisco learning partner, we prepare you for success with technology and certification training from Cisco. Insoft Services helps you develop your skill set and help your organization by building best-in-class Cisco solutions.

Unlock the possibilities with our learning portfolio. Choose your path DevNet, Enterprise, Collaboration, Data Center, Service Provider, and Security. Start with Cisco Associate, Specialist, Professional, and advance your career to the Expert level.

Insoft Services provides Cisco training across all certification paths and technologies. Having Cisco skills guarantees your success in networking, even as technology continues to evolve.


Insoft Services helps you achieve your desired certification faster

Cisco Certified System Instructors with industry knowledge

Our instructor-led courses can be virtually or in a classroom

Popular Cisco Certification Track Topics

Cisco has designed our training and certification programs to address today′s dynamic technologies and prepare students, engineers, and software developers for success in the industry.

  • A newly updated CCNA training and certification which replaces all the previous technology relevant CCNAs. There is one basic CCNA which would consider to be the building block for all the Cisco Certifications.
  • A new exam during CCNA track would lead to a Cisco Specialist Certifications.
  • Continuing education extended to the CCNA and CCNP Certification levels.
  • First-of-its kind DevNet training with associate, specialist and professional certifications.

With Insoft Services, you would get trained with the world′s most trusted Authorized Cisco Learning Partner. Our courses include hands-on and virtual practice labs featuring the latest Cisco equipment in real-world scenarios to help you prepare for actual networking environments and Cisco certification exams.

Our instructors have the most extensive networking experience in the industry and collectively hold more CCIEs and CCSIs than any other training provider.

CCNA Associate CCNP Collaboration CCNP Data Center CCNP Enterprise CCNP Serivce Provider DevNet Associate DevNet Professional CCNP Security

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Business Enablement Partner

The Cisco Business Enablement Partner Program focuses on sharpening the business skills of Cisco Channel Partners and customers. The program provides comprehensive training on the business value of Cisco products, solutions, and architectures.

Cisco has launched the Business Enablement Center; the platform for all authorized Cisco Sales & Business Training. The platform offers more than 400 courses from our Business Enablement Partners worldwide. All courses are designed to develop sales enablement capabilities that enables business results.

The Cisco Business Enablement Partner program offers a full range of training courses specifically designed to build the business acumen of your sales and management teams. You´ll get the skills and methods you need to tackle sales barriers, take advantage of new opportunities, and clearly communicate a compelling Cisco value proposition.

The Cisco BEP Program offers a complete range of training courses designed specifically to help IT professionals understand the business side of Cisco technology.

Our virtual and classroom-based courses will help you:

  • Measure the business value of Cisco solutions, and effectively propose them to meet business needs.
  • Improve your business acumen and communication skills.
  • Develop and deploy powerful strategies and methods to boost adoption rates and build support for Cisco.

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Cisco Channel Partner Program

The Cisco Channel Partner Program is continually evolving. This program ensures that Cisco Partners have the ability to capture new opportunities, refine software and services skills, whilst differentiating themselves in the market.

What is the Cisco Channel Partner Program?

Cisco´s comprehensive Channel Partner Program is one of the most highly recognized programs in the networking industry.

The Cisco Channel Partner Program rewards partners for adding value to Cisco products and delivering positive customer experience. The program outlines the necessary training in the latest Cisco technologies and provides members with exclusive branding resources.

The Cisco Channel Partner Program consists of three separate programs that correspond to distinct offer types: Resale, Managed Services and Outsourcing.

Why Achieve a Cisco Partner Certification?

The objective of Cisco´s award-winning Channel Partner Program is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Cisco Channel Partner Program focuses on a partner´s ability to deliver intelligent networks and technology architectures built on integrated products, services, and software platforms. The program offers training in the latest Cisco solutions and architectures, in addition to valuable branding resources. The program takes advantage of best practices, your expertise, and solid solutions for delivery while extending rewards to your company as you continue to expand your Cisco business.

Certification Levels

There are three main Cisco Chanel Partner certification levels, as well as two certifications aimed at large multinational and global organizations that reflect a partner´s breadth of expertise.

Select: Designed specifically for partners who sell to small and mid-sized business customers.

Premier: Provides an increased level of support and access to additional best in class products.

Gold: Provides the highest level of certification rewards and recognition.

Global Gold: Recognizes partners with expertise and resources to plan, design, implement and operate Cisco networking solutions across the globe.

Multinational: Recognizes partners that have expertise in selling, deploying and supporting Cisco architectural solutions across multiple countries within a given Cisco GEO territory.

Specialization Levels

There are three levels of Specialization; Express, Advanced, and Master; which are required to achieve the partner certifications and reflect a partner´s technology skills depth.

Express: Cisco has replaced the Express Specializations to enable partners to learn, engage, and open new technologies. Now there is a single Express Specialization with multiple tracks.

Advanced: Cisco has reduced the total number of mid-tier advanced specializations from 13 to 6. These specializations allow partners to differentiate and stand out in a crowded market.

Master: At the top tier, Cisco has added the Master Networking Specialization which encompasses software, automation, analytics, security, and programmability and enables partners to reach the highest technical skill level.

How to Become a Certified Cisco Partner?

Insoft Services provides customised learning solutions, to help you archive the required certification. Our account managers understand the specialization requirements and can work with you to evaluate your current employee specializations and capabilities and develop a training plan to help you achieve, maintain, or enhance your desired partner status.

Choose classroom, virtual classroom, on-demand, or on-site delivery to support your certification goals.

Call us at +44 (0) 20 7131 0263 or send us an email to get started.

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Cisco´s Channel Partner Program Focuses on every partner´s ability to deliver intelligent network and technology architectures built on integrated products, services, and software platforms

Authorized Training on Cisco Certifications with Self-Paced e-Learning

Cisco Digital Learning is the designed online training solution for your IT team. Now more flexible and intuitive than ever, Cisco Digital Learning enables you and your team in control of the training you need, when you need it. From certification training across multiple technologies to a single product training course, Cisco Digital Learning has a solution for you.

Benefits of Subscriptions:

  • Keep your training on track anytime, anywhere
  • Earn Continuing Education credits toward recertification
  • Take certification prep courses with video lectures and lab exercises
  • Prepare to deploy new technology with the latest product training
  • Bring your new team members up to speed fast on a wide range of technologies
  • Help your organization realize business outcomes and maximize IT investments
  • Subscribe to our All Inclusive solution or focus on a specific technology area

Cisco Digital Learning provides different types of training subscriptions:

Cisco Digital Learning All Inclusive: This includes our complete portfolio of product, technology, and certification training.

Cisco Digital Learning Technology Subscriptions: This provides all titles in a technology area, including product, technology, and certification courses. Technology areas include DevNet, Enterprise, Data Center, Security, and Collaboration.

Cisco Digital Learning Individual Course Subscription: This includes single course subscription as per preferred technology.

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Continuing Education


Cisco´s Continuing Education Program is based on three founding principles: Flexibility, Diversity, and Integrity. Flexibility is achieved by offering existing Cisco certified individuals an alternative option for recertification, in addition to the already existing option of recertifying by passing the relevant exam(s). Diversity is achieved by allowing individuals a wide range of preapproved items, such as online courses, instructor-led training, authoring of content, and Cisco Live training offerings (collectively called “Continuing Education items“), which can be pursued to earn credits toward recertification. Integrity is achieved by having Cisco authorized content providers, who deliver the content to the individual seeking recertification, validate the credits submitted by that individual.

The Continuing Education Program is governed by the Cisco Continuing Education Advisory Board. Candidates who choose to recertify through the Continuing Education Program will be required to earn a certain number of credits by completing the required Continuing Education item(s) as delivered by a content provider and paying the Continuing Education administrative fee before their current certification becomes inactive.

Once candidates have earned the designated number of credits and paid their Continued Education administrative fee, they will be recertified as per the existing recertification policies.


The Continuing Education Program is provided to existing Cisco certified individuals as a flexible alternative option for recertification. The program is intended to encourage candidates to diversify their skill sets in order to make them more valuable to their organization and the industry as a whole while maintaining the integrity of the Cisco brand.

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