ITIL Training

  • ITIL Training

    With the goal to improve efficiency, the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework was designed to standardize the selection, planning, delivery and support of IT services to business. Its main focus is to align IT actions and business. There five major phases of the IT service lifecycle:

    • ITIL Service Strategy – that explains business goals and customer requirements;
    • ITIL Service Design – that strategically plans how to develop and help the business;
    • ITIL Service Transition – that introduces how to transit from the planned services to the environment;
    • ITIL Service Operation – that focuses on IT services management;
    • ITIL Continual Service Improvement – that instructs how to evaluate and plan improvements to IT services.

    With our top-class instructors, you’ll spend your time by learning how to apply these principles to support your business outcomes, optimize your customer experience and managing risks accordingly. Insoft Services can help you and your organization to change, transform and grow your business.


    • Support business outcomes;
    • Enable business change;
    • Optimize customer experience;
    • Manage risk in line with business needs;
    • Continually improvement.

    ITIL Foundation

    ITIL Foundation

    The Foundation level is a required certification to become a full ITIL Master. By attending this course you’ll have general awareness of all key concepts, terminology and elements used in the ITIL service lifecycle. Holders of this certification are likely to continue their ITIL path and become IT Service Managers for professional projects. The foundation level is an introductory course to the lifecycle of managing IT services, covering the five core disciplines: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

    Duration : 3 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Feb 17 to Feb 19, 2020

    ITIL Intermediates: ITIL Service Lifecycle Modules

    ITIL Service Operation (SO)

    The SO module focuses on coordinating and executing activities that enables the ongoing management and operation of the products developed and implemented during the service strategy, design and transition phases.

    The course covers management and control of activities, techniques and the best practices that allow organizations and IT teams to effectively sustain and maintain the products and services developed. It’s designed for individuals responsible for service desk functions, technical management, IT operations management and application management.

    This course highlights the overall concepts, processes, policies, and methods associated with the SO and its purpose, activities, functions and implementation. By using real-scenario exercises, the course allows you to get hands on the ITIL best practices and to position yourself to successfully complete the exam.

      This course centers its contents on:

    • Event management
    • Incident management
    • Problem management
    • Request fulfilment
    • Access management
    Duration : 3 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Feb 25 to Feb 27, 2020
    ITIL Service Design (SD)

    The course focuses on the design phase the of IT services lifecycle, introducing the purpose, principles, and processes of service design. It provides guidance on how to create and launch products and services that meet the immediate and ongoing needs of organisations and programs.

    Duration : 3 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Feb 19 to Feb 21, 2020
    ITIL Service Strategy (SS)

    The course centers on delivering relevant organizational and departmental design methods and techniques, as well as service strategy technologies and service automation to support the service lifecycle. ITIL Service Strategy is designed to present the main service strategy processes, including strategy management for IT services, service portfolio management, financial management for IT services, demand management, and business relationship management. The student will gain knowledge of the overall concepts and will be introduced to the key principles of service lifecycle.

    The main process focus area of this course include:

    • Strategy management for IT services
    • Service portfolio management
    • Financial management for IT services
    • Demand management
    • Business relationship management
    Duration : 3 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Feb 18 to Feb 20, 2020
    ITIL Service Transition (ST)

    By focusing on delivering the fundamentals of service transition purpose, principles, processes, activities and functions, the ITIL ST introduces you the world of service management. The ST points out the challenges, critical success factors, and risks associated with ITIL service transition, highlighting sub-processes, activities, methods, and functions used in this transition.

    The courses focus on several areas such as:

    • Transition planning and support
    • Service asset and configuration management
    • Change management
    • Change evaluation
    • Release and deployment management
    • Service validation and testing
    • Knowledge management
    Duration : 3 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Feb 17 to Feb 19, 2020

    ITIL Intermediates: ITIL Service Capability Modules

    ITIL Service Capability: Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)

    This module focuses on the practical application of the OSA practices in order to enable event, incident, request, problem, access, technical, IT operations and application management. The course covers the operation-level process activities, highlighting which are the proper approaches to executing them.

    This course centers its contents on:

    • Event management process
    • Incident management process
    • Problem management process
    • Request fulfilment process
    • Access management process
    Duration : 5 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Feb 10 to Feb 14, 2020