Why is NSE 4 Certification Vital For Your Network Career?

Why is NSE 4 Certification Vital For Your Network Career?

05 September 2022

In terms of career advancement in the network security field, the Fortinet NSE is one of the best certifications available to you at present. The NSE 4 certification is designed to showcase your skills as a network professional in handling Fortinet’s security products. This certification test is open to everyone including freshers who wants to get into network security.

As threats and vulnerabilities evolve faster than ever, it’s critical for organizations to have a knowledge-intensive approach to cybersecurity and threat analysis. Hence they look for professionals with vendor-verified knowledge in configuration, implementation and maintenance of security systems, and in this case, the FortiGate systems.

FortiGate firewalls from Fortinet rank among the most popular firewall manufacturers and are frequently finalists on company shortlists because they provide robust security at an affordable price. Along with Palo Alto and CheckPoint, the company was designated one of the three leaders in Gartner’s Enterprise Network Firewall Magic Quadrant. In NSS Labs tests, where the firewalls achieved high scores for security efficacy, performance, and value, Fortinet backed up that high ranking.

Let’s see how NSE 4 benefits your career as a network security professional.

Ensure that your network security skills and experience are up-to-date

As previously said, a constantly evolving threat landscape pushes modern firms to favor a knowledge-intensive approach to hiring and promotion in network security. Being one of the cybersecurity pioneers, Fortinet makes sure that the NSE 4 certification exams covers the most up to date information on the Fortigate systems.

The NSE 4 certification programme teaches vital skills. You will learn new cybersecurity principles, how to protect modern networks, and how to administer Fortinet security solutions as you progress through the NSE 4 certification process. The NSE 4 cert has given many IT professionals enough knowledge to propel their careers even without taking the exams (according to social media posts).

You can consider taking our renowned NSE 4 – FortiGate bundle training. This 5 days course covers both FortiGate Security and FortiGate Infrastructure. It involves both theoretical and hands-on training.

Demonstrate your expertise to potential employers

If you are truly interested in network security and want to be a security expert, this certificate is vital, since it validates your knowledge in FortiGate by Fortinet themselves. The NSE 4 certification can demonstrate to organizations that you have professional-level knowledge in configuration, implementation and maintenance of the FortiGate systems.

You can read a detailed area and task breakdown for the NSE 4 exam in this Fortinet exam description document.

Open several career streams within your field

IT technicians often get certifications to start new careers or get promoted. The NSE 4 certification will open several doors for you.

AWS, GCP, and Azure are just a few of the cloud resources Fortinet can integrate with. Fortinet applications and cloud resources can share and communicate data bi-directionally, unlike other security vendors. Thus, cloud vendors like AWS and Fortinet can work together seamlessly. Managing these hybrid cloud environments is the duty of Hybrid cloud engineers, and with an NSE 4 certification you can forge your career as one too.

In a similar fashion, designations like Cybersecurity engineer, Technical analyst, and even DevOps engineer are all within reach for an NSE 4 certified network security professional.

Final thoughts

Your career will improve thanks to NSE 4 certification, which also adds you to the exclusive group of qualified specialists in the security sector. Given the steadily growing market share of Fortinet’s security solutions (especially FortiGate), the NSE 4 certification may without a doubt be regarded as one of the top certifications accessible to you as a network security professional.

Here are some tips for passing the NSE 4 from an industry expert with 15 years of experience.

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