New Cisco Certification – FAQ


New Cisco Certification – FAQ

20 June 2019

Cisco has announced the new certification path for 2020 and it’s one of the biggest IT certification updates ever! Because of the new network capabilities, Cisco decided to redesign the certification track.

The goal of all these changes is to better prepare IT professionals for the jobs of the future and to add more value to organisations.

As a Cisco Learning Partner, we have the chance to share with you first-hand the details on upcoming training and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the new certification.

Why has Cisco changed the certification track?

Cisco wants to offer more flexibility to students. Their goal is to make sure the students get practical knowledge that is useful in the real world.

So, what are the main changes with the new next-level Cisco certifications?

Read our blog on New changes to the Cisco Certification and Training Program to learn about all the changes. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive all the updates directly in your inbox.

I’ve bought all the books, training classes and spent months studying for the exam. What should I do now?

If you earn the certification before 24th February 2020, you’ll receive the new certification and associated training badges. Therefore, if you have started working toward an additional certification – keep going!

The new CCNA will now be viewed as less desirable, now that there are no prerequisites for the CCNP?

The CCNA is one of the most sought-after certifications and I believe it won’t change anytime soon! In my opinion, it will provide more flexibility because you will acquire a broader range of skills and then get in-depth expertise with the specializations.

At the CCNA level, the topics are now broader within the exam, in order to cover the range of skills required to manage digital networks. Cisco also included topics across technologies into the associate level exam, making it more comprehensive than ever.

When the new Cisco training is available?

The new training is already out there. The exams will be available starting on 24th February 2020. Read our latest blog post on the New changes to the Cisco Certification and Training Program or join our online community on Linkedin: Insoft Learning Network to receive notifications once we have the new official Cisco training available.

Is CCENT being removed?

Yes. Therefore, we encourage you to continue with your training and obtain the CCNA. You’ll automatically receive the new associated training badge.

Cisco is focusing on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and DNA. Where are those technologies covered?

DNA is covered in the Enterprise core. The automation aspects of the DNA centre are covered in the Automation and Programming of Cisco Enterprise solutions concentration.

Is there a lot of cross-over between automation and programming classes?

If you look at the exam topics, you can see there are some core skills that appear in each automation concentration and then platforms for each area are covered.

CCNA is no longer required for CCNP?

Correct. Prerequisites are no longer required for any level of certification.

What is the new CCNA training duration?

The new CCNA now requires 8 days of training.

What is the new training duration for the CCNP Enterprise?

Before the training consisted of 5 days (ROUTE) + 5 days (SWITCH) + 5 days (TSHOOT). According to the new certification track, you’ll have 10 days (core) + 5 days (concentrate) training.

Is there still a CCIE written exam?

There will no longer be a CCIE written exam. The technology code exam plus the CCIE lab exam will result in CCIE certification.

Is the CCDP now an Enterprise concentration?

There is no change to the CCDP currently.

CCSI’s will have to take new exams to be able to teach the new classes?

Send us an email at for more information on CCSI’s requirements.

How long will the new Cisco certification will be valid?

It will be valid for 3 years.

What is the recertification for CCIE? CCNP Core?

Recertification through Continuing Education is available to all.

How to recertify?

The new Cisco recertification policy is available here.

Which classes will still be available next year?

Cisco training classes and exams that exist today and that will remain in the new certification portfolio are listed here: Cisco Portfolio

Do you have more questions about the latest changes to the new Cisco Certification? We’ve got your answers. Send us an email at for more information.

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